how the DVM Method™ grows profits

The DVM Method™ is a unique framework that was developed by Easton Digital using our years of experience in Google Shopping plus the insights from ex-Amazon developers.

The simplest explanation of the DVM Method™ is it is like large funnel that mimics your customer expected journey as they move to completing the purchase.

At the top of the funnel are auto campaigns that discover new, relevant and profitable keywords. The mid of the funnel is targeted manual campaigns to validate profitable keywords. The bottom of the funnel is were we maximize profit and placements by using our Breakout Campaign™ strategy that uses single keyword campaigns.

Why does the DVM method™ work?  Ad rank is determined by ad relevance, past performance and current bid.  According to most, the past performance is “stored” at and recorded at the campaign level.  However, what if we have several keywords, several ads, and several ad groups in a campaign?  More importantly, what if some of the keywords, ads or ad groups perform vastly poor and one really good?  The answer is...this creates Campaign Performance Confusion™ for Amazon’s algorithm. To solve for this, we create Breakout Campaigns™, which take your best performing and highest volume search terms and break them out into their own individual campaigns with a single exact match keyword, a single ad, and single ad group.

The results are maximum control of your best performing and highest volume search terms and the elimination of Campaign Performance Confusion™, which gives you better results.

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