Branding, customizing shipping boxes and sending shipments on their way may seem like expenses that can be curbed to better bottom lines. But, the many long term benefits of custom shipping boxes definitely outweigh the small short term savings. 

In a world where more and more small and medium business owners are shipping their products globally, custom shipping boxes are rapidly gaining attention. They are no longer a part of the packaging materials and mere cardboard boxes, but are a part of the product itself. When done right, the benefits of custom shipping boxes are clear to see

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“When done right, the benefits of custom shipping boxes are clear to see.”

Brand building

In the digital world of trends, influencers and Instagram, businesses are constantly coming up with new ideas to increase their brand’s presence and visibility. With the number of eCommerce businesses rising, so too is the number of products being shipped across the globe. Using custom shipping boxes helps  increase a brand’s visibility irrespective of geographical boundaries. 

Customizing the shipping box in brand colors and printing the business logo with the tagline helps customers to recall the brand whenever and wherever they see it. In addition to this, colourful, pretty and unique boxes are highly likely to be re-used by customers, which further increases the chance of brand visibility.

Technical details

A custom shipping box lets businesses print different technical details about the product on it. For example, words like “fragile” and “handle with care” can be printed on boxes that are meant to ship delicate objects. 

It can also have manufacturing date, expiry date, bar codes, and other relevant details printed on it. The right details can make all the difference during storage and transportation. Many of the best suppliers of custom boxes, such as Arka, provide unbranded boxes - meaning you can make the packaging all about your brand and its message. 

Re-order information

Customer packaging allows businesses to print reorder information on their boxes. For example, your package can have all the contact details, website URL, customer service, number printed on it. 

You can also attach discount codes or coupons on boxes, prompting customers to reorder. The bottom line is that the more creative a business can be with their shipping boxes, the more the chance they’ve impressed a customer, which means there’s more chance of them turning into a loyal customer. 

Custom boxes as differentiators

Remember, shipping boxes don’t just land on a customer’s doorstep. It goes through many transits and couriers in between. As potential customers are everywhere, an attractive custom shipping box can quickly gain attention when it is being carried from one place to another. 

Colorful, attractive custom shipping boxes when kept in bulk in transit, are bound to get the attention of many potential buyers. 

Professional appearance

First impression matters, always! How the item arrives and how convenient it is to open plays a huge role in the customer experience. It will always remind the customer about the business. A beautifully crafted custom shipping box goes a long way in creating the perfect first - and lasting - impression.  

However, it is to be remembered that custom box and quality of packaging goes hand in hand, and neither one can be missed to create the perfect first impression.

Cost optimization

Sending a small product in an oversized box or stuffing a large product in a smaller box not only displease a customer but also affects packaging cost. By using a custom shipping box, businesses can always have the right sized box for any and every product and thus optimize on the shipping box cost.

Custom size

The biggest challenge with a standard shipping box is, it may or may not fit the product perfectly. Custom shipping boxes can be tailor-made according to the size and shape requirement of the product. This can ensure the product is shipped safely and reduce the number of return complaints. 

Personalized messages

Whether running a special promo campaign or wishing customers a happy holidays, businesses can strategically print messages on their shipping boxes. There are many opportunities that can be explored! 

As display boxes

Custom shipping boxes, when done right with the perfect amalgamation of color and design can be used as a display box too! 

Custom shipping boxes can help the business stand out when done creatively. It not only helps in brand recall or creates a pleasant experience for the end customers, but also helps the business to save cost and ship products safely.

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