Get Your Amazon Sponsored Campaigns Ready

As you plan for Prime Day, make sure to visit Campaign Manager and get your advertising ready too.

Advertise more of your listings.

Ensure that every listing you want to promote is included in a Sponsored Products campaign. Consider advertising all of your product catalog with automatic targeting to reach more shoppers.

Prime Day shoppers are ready to buy.

You may see an increase in the number of clicks that generate sales. You can increase your bids to be more competitive and still see your desired return.

Get your ads at the top of search with Bid+.

For your campaigns with manual targeting, you can turn on Bid+, and Amazon will automatically raise your bid to increase your opportunity to appear in the top of search results.

Don’t limit campaign changes to just Prime Day.

We expect for shoppers to start visiting Amazon in the days leading up to the big event. Adjust your bids and budgets now to be ready for the big day.

Don't Run out of Budget

The most important refinement you can make to your campaigns is to increase your campaign budgets. More traffic on Amazon means more impressions and clicks, which may use up your budget faster than normal. You risk running out of budget and making your ads ineligible to show on one of Amazon’s biggest days.

Create All Products Campaign

Running one Auto Targeted campaign for all of your products can be an effective way to make sure all of your products are eligible to show as a Sponsored Product.