The search engine giant, Google announced last year in back June that Google+ is now home to over 343 million users, and an incredibly 60 percent of these users are active every single month. Those figures shouldn't be ignored by retailers and especially their marketers. But why have many companies and online retailers been avoiding Google+ ?

The most common response from many companies is, “But our company already has a business Twitter and Facebook account, so why do we need to make social media accounts?”

This is such a big misconception made by so many companies around the world that could be costing them thousands each month. Google+ can actually play an integral part of any company's online marketing strategy. When you finally have a chance to see all the essential SEO benefits that come with using Google+, you will immediately realize that it needs to be included into your online marketing strategy.

Google+ can improve your company’s search ranking.

One of the primary factors that ultimately sets Google+ far apart from both social media giants, Twitter and Facebook is that it can actually improve your company’s website to appear at the top of Google search results. Both Facebook and Twitter posts don’t appear on search results when using Google, however status updates from Google+ does.

Google’s search algorithms instantly prioritize any content that is submitted to Google+, this even includes anything you share to something as simple as your company’s description. It can certainly make things far easier for businesses in order for them to show up in search results.

Google+ Can can be Integrated with many other Google services and products.

With Google+ and its wide range of incredibly useful services and products that can be easily integrated into online marketing campaigns, simply makes Google incredibly popular among business owners and also their marketers. This includes popular services such as Google Maps, Youtube, Google Play, Chrome and even Gmail.

Google+ allows for digital marketers to effortlessly integrate, share and even manage content across all of Google’s online services, which can make company’s online marketing campaigns far more efficient. There is currently no other available social network that is capable of providing the same amount of resources.

Google+ Communities allows for far greater interaction with your target audience.

One of the primary features of Google+ and certainly a favorite with many retailers is the ability to interact and communicate with your targeted audience using the Google+ Communities. You can effortlessly create your own focus group that can be directly linked with whatever service, product or brand, that you are actively marketing.

Google+ Local allows you to promote your brand, services or products locally.

If your company receives a review regarding your service, products or even your establishment, comments and photos can be uploaded by your satisfied customers, which can be used to your full advantage when using Google+ Local. This feature is similar to the original Google Places where local companies could set up a business listing page where all their important information such as contact information could be displayed along with your gleaming customer ratings, photos and reviews.

Online and brick & mortar retailers would greatly benefit from a Google+ strategy and campaign.  Furthermore, there is an unknown cost of not having a Google+ campaign and allowing your competitors to dominate the Google+ channel.  To signup for Google+ and read more, check out Google+ here: Google+ for Brands.  You'll can read about success stories, facts, and steps to get started.